Gig Dates

                2019 Dates

Thursday 10th January - The Botanist Marlow 8pm

Friday 18th January - The Botanist Reading 8pm

Friday 25th January - The Botanist Marlow 8pm

Friday 8th February - The Henry VI Eton 9pm

Saturday 9th February - The Botanist Broadgate Circle (London) Backing up Laura Williams 8pm

Saturday 23rd February - The Botanist Marlow 9pm

Saturday 16th March - The Thatched Cottage Maidenhead 8pm

Friday 22nd March - Maidens Head (Maidenhead) 9pm

Saturday 23rd March - The Botanist Marlow 9pm

Thursday 28th March - The Botanist Marlow 7:30pm

Friday 29th March - The Botanist Reading 8pm

Thursday 4th April - The Botanist Reading 7:30pm

Friday 12th April - The Botanist Reading 8pm

Sunday 21st April - The Botanist Marlow 8pm

Thursday 25th April - The Botanist Marlow 7:30pm

Friday 3rd May - Henry VI Eton 9pm

Saturday 4th May - Private Party

Saturday 11th May - Wedding

Friday 7th June - Henry VI 9pm

Friday 5th July -  Henry VI 9pm

Saturday 14th July - Private Party

Friday 2nd August - Henry VI 9pm

Friday 11th october - Henry VI 9pm

Friday 1st November - Henry VI 9pm

Friday 8th November - The Botanist Reading 8pm

Saturday 9th November - The Three Tuns Wycombe 9pm

Thursday 21st November - The Botanist Reading 7:30pm

Saturday 23rd November - The Botanist Marlow 9pm

Thursday 28th November - Artigiano St.Pauls London 8pm

Friday 29th November - The Squirrel Penn Street 8pm

Friday 6th December - Henry VI 9pm

Saturday 7th December - Ohana's Wine Bar Chertsey 8pm

Saturday 14th December - The Botanist Reading 8pm

Thursday 19th December - Artigiano St.Pauls London 8pm

Saturday 21st December - The Botanist Marlow 9pm

Tuesday 24th December - The Botanist Reading 6pm